Water Monitoring across the Galilee Basin

The Desert Channels Group (DCG) have recently embarked on an important project to ensure the continued high standard of water quality in the region. Surface water monitoring is happening at a number of locations in the Galilee Basin.

“The regular collection of water samples at some of the most important river systems in the Desert Channels, North Queensland Dry Tropics and Southern Gulf regions will help to determine baseline information about the quality of the water in our rivers” said Christine O’Brien, DC Solutions Project Manager.

Water monitoring staff from DCG are currently collecting water samples at specific locations on the Flinders, Thomson, Barcoo, Belyando and Cape rivers every three weeks until 30 June 2013.  Data from these water samples will assist in determining the local water quality guidelines and will enable us to identify if negative impacts occur due to mining activities.

“It’s a dirty job – literally, but someone’s got to do it,” said Mark Kleinschmidt, DC Solutions Commercial Services Manager. “Field agents have to contend with the likes of wasps, dead fish, cane toads and snakes as well as sometimes having to dig for water. Not a welcome challenge after the long drive to get there, but it is important work to ensure we can monitor the health of water supplies.”

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Surface water quality monitoring is being undertaken across the Galilee Basin.

Surface water quality monitoring is being undertaken across the Galilee Basin.

DCG are delivering this project across the region on behalf of NQ Dry Tropics and Southern Gulf NRM. It is supported by the Queensland Government represented by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and the data from the water samples will be available to the public through the Queensland Government.

If you would like any more information about this you can contact the Desert Channels Group on 07 4658 0600, visit our website www.dcq.org.au or find us on facebook and Twitter.