NQ Dry Tropics

Corn and beans just got straighter

Mulgowie Farming Company is working on getting more out of the land without compromising its health.

Australian owned and operated, Mulgowie Farming Company has been growing sweet corn, fresh beans and other vegetables for almost 30 years.

It was started by the Emerick family in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, and now has 400 staff working 5,000 hectares in Queensland and Victoria. Mulgowie sells direct to supermarkets, agents and markets.

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Flood slows to a trickle

By Kathy Cogo, NQ Dry Tropics

It’s a radically different way to water cane and has neighbours looking over the fence. It uses far less water, increases yield and really improves the quality of water that runs off farms.

Paul Villis grows cane near Ayr and he’s trialing trickle, or drip, irrigation on part of his farm. Trickle irrigation comprises rows of plastic tape buried underground that delivers water directly to the roots of the plant through tiny drippers that regulate water flow. Continue Reading…