Fitzroy Basin Association

New farmer on the right path to protect our reef

While land around Capella in the Fitzroy Basin provides perfect conditions to grow grains, farming is a challenging career path.

Local man Andy Hawken is proving it is never too late to start – after living in the area for over 20 years he recently acquired a share-farming block and began his journey to become a farmer.

New to the grains industry his neighbours suggested he contact Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Co-operative (CHRRUP), a sub region of Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA).

As a result he joined FBA’s innovative training program designed to assist grain growers to adopt best management practices, Grains BMP. Continue Reading…

Fitzroy partnership for river health

Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) is working in partnership with companies and groups to monitor the health of waterways in the Fitzoy Basin and make water quality information available to the public. Other members of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health include the Queensland Government, local mining companies, Central Queensland University and regional councils.

A first for the Fitzroy Basin and following the successful model established through the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership, the Fitzroy partnership represents a huge step forward in improving public understanding of water quality issues and confidence in the transparency of water quality monitoring efforts. Continue Reading…

Making scrub fun at festival time

Imagine yourself crawling through a dark, shrubby tunnel. Suddenly you spot a Black Breasted Button Quail!  This is what faced kids visiting the Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) display at Ecofest in Gladstone this year.

FBA’s Boyne Calliope Sub Region ran the activity to help young people in the Gladstone region understand the relationship between ecosystems and animals.

Boyne Calliope Sub Region field officer Vicki Dart said the display featured a tunnel with the walls lined with images of dry rainforest.  “Stuck onto the walls of the tunnel were laminated images of different critters like birds, frogs, snakes and lizards that rely on dry rainforests for food and shelter,” Ms Dart said. Continue Reading…

A sustainable fishery starts with a single fish

A Barramundi swimming through Amity Creek near St Lawrence at the start of 2010 travelled 62km downstream to the Styx River, gaining 137mm in length, before being caught in February this year by a recreational fisher.

The journey of this one fish is testament to ongoing community efforts in the Fitzroy Basin to build the resilience of fish resources in one of Queensland’s most significant fish nurseries.

This fishy tale started when a rock ramp fish passage was funded by Fitzroy Basin Association and designed and installed by Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries on Amity Creek. Continue Reading…

Trials endorse WeedSeeker cost-saving benefits

CENTRAL Queensland grain growers are showing a keen interest in the cost-saving advantages offered by state-of-the-art WeedSeeker technology.

WeedSeeker has gained a tick of approval following on-going regional weed control research trials.

Judging by the avalanche of growers’ questions, there is no doubt that WeedSeeker spray demonstrations at five on-property grower meetings has allayed doubts and buoyed enthusiasm.

The trials and field days are part of a project to investigate WeedSeeker technology supported by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) with funding from Reef Rescue.

Continue Reading…

Reef Rescue helps Calliope grazier keep up his dream

Cattleman Bill Oram described himself as a traditional grazier with a new direction when speaking at an information session held by AgForce, Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) and Boyne Calliope Sub Region (BCSR) at Mt Larcom earlier this year.

Mr Oram said he’s mixed cattle and tourism at his property Glassford Creek Station near Calliope in Central Queensland.

“I was always interested in working in the bush as a cattleman, but it wasn’t until I went to tourist resort Cooper Down at Banana that I discovered my niche in life: farm stays,” he said. Continue Reading…

Industry partnership proves right approach

A partnership approach has seen Grains BMP (Best Management Practice) adopted quickly and successfully across Queensland. Grains BMP was developed collaboratively between Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries, AgForce, and Queensland’s regional natural resource management groups in order to help producers benchmark their grain growing practices against best practice industry standards.

A successful Grains BMP pilot in 2008 with central Queensland growers coordinated by Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) laid the foundation for the program’s success. Continue Reading…

Showing off on-ground results in the Fitzroy

A group of government officers saw the on-ground impact of funding under the Reef Rescue component of the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country in the Fitzroy Basin recently.

Bronwyn Higgins, Jessica Feder, and Geoff Dyne from the Australian Government joined Fitzroy Basin Association staff on a tour across the basin to see first-hand the results of projects supported under Reef Rescue. Continue Reading…