Southern Gulf communities benefiting from environment programs

Southern Gulf Catchments delivers the SGC Sustainable Schools Program by working with teachers to deliver curriculum based activities.

Over the last three years, Southern Gulf Catchments has engaged 18 of the 23 schools across the region in its Sustainable Schools Program which works with teachers to deliver curriculum based activities. 

The schools have been provided with activities which include water monitoring and testing, cultural workshops, environmental presentations, field trip support and topical learning sessions.

The Community Environment Project Officer also supports community-based groups such as the Gregory River Landcare Group, Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group and the Tharrapatha-way Cultural Walking Trail.

The Gregory River Landcare Group was supported to deliver its Attack on the Gregory River Rubber Vine Project with resources such as funding, staff, transport, advice and equipment. The project also engaged volunteers from Mt Isa travelling to Gregory River to help control weeds on large cattle stations. Every year an employee from the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee in Brisbane is sent to assist with the project – part of a twinning relationship with Gregor River Landcare Group.

The Gregory River is a popular camping spot for people in the north west – it is spring fed and considered an oasis in the outback. Volunteers enjoy camping alongside the picturesque river while helping property owners treat their weeds.

Community Environment Project Officer Mick Brady said a wide range of people volunteer for the project.

“It’s great to see people working in the mines in Mount Isa willing to volunteer their time to help control weeds on properties. Many of these volunteers are keen to help graziers, especially in this time of severe drought. They get to see what a beautiful river the Gregory is and how important it is to stop the spread of these weeds.”