QMDC delivers on-ground results

Landholders across the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin have contributed more than $350,000 to on-ground works as part of the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee’s sub-catchment planning process in recent years.

QMDC Chief Executive Officer Geoff Penton said sub-catchment planning (SCP) encouraged landholders to address land, water, vegetation and other natural resource management (NRM) issues at a landscape scale.

“SCP is a local community process whereby we can leverage funding, for example from the Queensland Government’s Q2 Coasts and Country program, into significant on-ground outcomes,” he said.

“Between June 2009 and June 2011, $95,000 from Q2 was directed to riverine outcomes as part of sub-catchment planning.

“During that same period, the total value of SCP expenditure was close to $890,000.”

Mr Penton said along with funding from Q2 and the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, landholders contributed more than $350,000 worth of in-kind support.

“These funds were used to protect the riverine environment, improve biodiversity, boost water quality, protect habitat and improve native vegetation cover across a number of properties, not just on one site.

“QMDC has supported sub-catchment planning for more than a decade now because it has a demonstrated impact on the adoption and implementation of improved natural resource management and production practices.”

Mr Penton said plans were developed by groups of landholders to allow them to address concerns or challenges at a landscape scale for maximum benefit. Landholders are then supported by QMDC technical staff and Landcare Coordinators during implementation.

“The NRM activities in the plans consider environmental, social and production elements and landholders contribute to the project funding,” he said.

Landholders attend a sub-catchment planning field day held at Samari Plains in the QMDC region

“For example, when it comes to protecting the riverine environment of the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin, we encourage landholders to both fence off riparian zones and install off-stream watering points. Done as part of SCP, landholders meet 30% of project costs.

“When it comes to establishing deep-rooted permanent pastures to mitigate salinity risk as part of SCP, landholders contribute 60% of the project costs or for controlling feral animals or weeds, they meet 70% of the costs.”

Landholders contribute 60% of project costs when establishing deep-rooted permanent pastures

QMDC is a natural resource management organisation supported through funding from the Queensland Government’s Q2 Coasts and Country and the Australian Governments Caring for our Country programs. QMDC supports communities within the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin to sustainably manage their natural resources. Visit www.qmdc.org.au for more information.