Flood Recovery Support Offered

In the wake of ongoing floods down the east coast, rural and urban fringe landholders are being urged to make use of all the resources, support and expertise available to them in coping and recovering from Nature’s lashing.

Mr Andrew Drysdale, CEO of the Regional Groups Collective, said his member bodies stand prepared, after emergency services and local government, to assist rural landholders with flood recovery.

“Our primary concern, at all times, is keeping people safe during the event,” he said, “so the emergency services are the people to call in the first instance.

“After safety is ensured, and services restored, our natural resource management groups are there to help rural landholders to recover, both emotionally and with their production base, their local natural resources.”

With their close relationships with local producers, the Regional Groups Collective’s 14 regional natural resource management body members have a strong track record of successfully assisting remediation work and a return to production as soon as possible after floods.

“In the north we had Terrain NRM, Northern Gulf Resource Management and NQ Dry Tropics at the forefront of production recovery after Cyclone Yasi in 2011, then it was the turn of Fitzroy Basin Association in 2015 with Marcia,” Mr Drysdale said.

“Likewise with Cyclone Debbie, our members are primed to hit the ground as soon as producers need them.”

Mr Drysdale urged landholders to contact their local NRM group to seek support whether they needed flood recovery help now or, if they are outside the currently affected area, help in preparing for when their turn comes.  Details can be found at www.rgc.org.au or from your local council.

“I would advise people to make use of regional bodies’ expertise, networks and potential funding streams,” he said.  “The resilience and recovery of our natural systems is our area of expertise.

“And for those looking to get the jump on next time, on our website there is a series of flood preparedness and recovery factsheets tailored specifically for the landholder, called Flood ready… flood safe!

These factsheets were prepared by the Regional Groups Collective with funding from the State Government, and cover people, planning, production, natural assets, infrastructure and rubbish and debris.