Farmers aren’t cowboys, Cowboys tell schools

The Cowboys and CANEGROWERS recently joined forces in a bid to highlight the importance of sustainable farming practices, beginning with our nation’s youth.

Schools now have access to a fun module about one of Australia’s key agricultural commodities – sugarcane.  By learning about sugarcane through the module, Years 5-7 across Australia are eligible to enter their school to win cool Cowboys prizes.

Ty Williams sharing his knowledge with the kids

“The Cowboys are taking the message straight into classrooms that farming practices have progressed significantly from the more traditional crop-farming methods of many years ago,” said Ian Ballantyne, CEO of peak sugarcane growers group CANEGROWERS.

“The new partnership is aimed towards letting the next generation know what farmers are doing on the farm to look after and protect the Great Barrier Reef while  ensuring that the industry continues to grow and support the economy.”

Heading up the learning module is Cowboys player Ty Williams, who grew up in sugarcane territory.  With Ty kickstarting a series of visits beginning last month, the program has become so popular that the Cowboys’ presence has been sought by hundreds of schools who want to participate.  Ty has just finished filming a series of videos about the sugarcane industry for the educational kit, which will be distributed to schools where a personal appearance is not possible.  These videos are also available free on the CANEGROWERS website.

The program is open to all schools in Australia, with participating schools given the opportunity to enter a competition and win a limited edition Johnathan Thurston print, or a framed jersey signed by the whole 2010 Cowboys team.

Schools interested in participating can download materials from the website: