Dairying Better ‘N Better on YouTube

The Dairying Better ‘N Better team is showcasing a range of the industry’s successful Reef Rescue projects through a new YouTube channel.

The videos showcase the high level of work undertaken by farmers along the Queensland coast and highlight the high value of the projects – both to the environment through improved water quality and to farms and farmers via improved management.

The channel has already had hundreds of views and the Dairying Better ‘N Better team (which is a partnership between the Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation and Subtropical Dairy) sees it as an effective means of telling the good stories associated with Reef Rescue and general dairy farmer stewardship of the land.

Malanda dairy farmer Bryan Anderson has also featured in the videos and says the program has seen environmental and management benefits at his farm.

Malanda dairy farmer Bryan Anderson says Reef Rescue has improved his farm and also water quality.

Malanda dairy farmer Bryan Anderson says Reef Rescue has improved his farm and also water quality.

Mr Anderson milks about 200 cows just east of town, on a pasture based feeding system that is complimented by molasses in the dairy and cotton seed through the winter months.

He has undertaken two Reef Rescue water quality grant projects at the farm, with the assistance of the Dairying Better ‘N Better team.

One of the projects has been a creek crossing linking important parts of his farm to the dairy.

“I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the creek crossings,” Mr Anderson explained. “The cows were always walking into the creek and eroding the banks, it would be hard for them to cross, and they would get sore feet. It was also hard work on the people milking for me. The result was cell count issues and mastitis.”

With concrete crossings, all that has now changed. Cows cross quickly and easily, and the work is far kinder on machinery and staff moving the cows. The creek is responding with fresh grass and signs of erosion are disappearing. It has improved the water quality in the creek.

“It has made things a lot easier, but the main thing for me is that it has made it a lot better for the cows. They are more stress-free now and I’m pretty sure I’ve lowered my cell count, so I’m producing better quality milk because of it.

“And in the wet season it doesn’t take as long to milk now because the cows go to the paddock quicker and they come home quicker. Plus it’s better for the environment.”

You can find the channel by searching for Queensland Dairyfarmers in YouTube.