A new voice for natural resource management across the Cape

After a lengthy community consultation process across Cape York, the region will soon have its own community based organisation for natural resource management planning.

For the past five years, every region of Australia, except Cape York, has been supported in natural resource planning by a regional organisation responsible for community engagement and investment in on-ground programs.

The community consultation process, which ran across 12 months in Cape York communities has led to Queensland and Australian Governments recognising the importance of providing an avenue for community interaction in natural resource management across the region.

The new organisation will allow the Cape York community to provide input into regional planning processes and to identify natural resource management investment priorities across the Cape.

Andrew Drysdale, CEO Queensland Regional NRM Groups Collective stressed that the exercise is not one of duplication.

“We recognise that there are myriad groups across the Cape who are active and effective in managing the environment and supporting the community to undertake conservation activities,” Drysdale said.

“This process is one of ensuring that all of those groups are working in the same direction while delivering on their own specific interest areas.”

“It is about getting people in the same room to talk about managing natural assets, sourcing government funding, and supporting communities to make the greatest positive impact on our environment,” Drysdale said.

“By working together, it is hoped that more investment will be attracted to the cape, particularly for natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and conservation outcomes.”

Nominations are now open for positions on the inaugural board of the Cape York Regional Natural Resource Management Group and close 19 March 2010.  Information about registering to vote, or nominating for the board is available by calling Queensland Regional NRM Groups Collective on 07 4699 5000.

Andrew Drysdale said the election process is being run by the Australian Electoral Commission.

“We want to make sure that the process of nominating for, and electing board members is transparent, fair and professionally conducted, which is why we’ve engaged the Australian Electoral Commission to manage the process for us.”

“We are looking forward to working with a diverse and talented group of new board members, and encourage interested people to contact us for more information.”