382 football fields rubbish free

An area the size of 382 football fields has been cleared of rubbish since Condamine Alliance began its flood clean-up last year.

The figure was revealed in Condamine Alliance’s first Flood Recovery Report Card which was released today.

“This is a major achievement that was made possible due to wide-spread community involvement and support,” Condamine Alliance Chief Executive Officer Phil McCullough said.

The natural resource management group has been working with local councils, volunteers and community groups to remove tonnes of rubbish throughout the Condamine catchment as a result of the devastating floods in January 2011.

So far the rubbish blitz has netted 30 tonnes of rubbish across 260 hectares between Warwick and Chinchilla, an area equivalent to 382 football fields.

Rubbish and debris has also been removed along 36 kilometres of the region’s major creeks and rivers.

The rubbish removal report card is the first in a five-part series that will track the flood recovery progress in the Condamine catchment.

Future report card topics will cover Condamine Alliance’s other flood recovery activities including gully stabilisation, weed control and riverbank restoration.

“The report cards are a simple way to show the community what has been achieved and what is still to be done,” Mr McCullough said.

“Each report card will explain specific activities, measures of progress, goals we are working towards and our progress towards the goals,” he said.

“It’s a great snapshot of the immense work that is being carried out across our catchment.”

The rubbish removal activities are part of ongoing flood recovery work by Condamine Alliance under the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) program.

For more details visit www.condaminealliance.com.au/repairing-the-condamine


PHOTO: FLOOD REPORT: Condamine Alliance has released its first report card on flood recovery efforts in the Condamine catchment since the devastating floods of 2011.